Her Painting

A pretty picture she paints
Of birds.  And flowers abloom.
Filled with hopes and dreams
In shades of lavender and blue
Often in my dreams I see
The face of a man I once knew
A man who loved me
Promises we made to hold true
Days were long but never enough 
Nights we lay under the moonshine
Hills we climbed with ease
The rivers we walked alongside
And though we parted ways with time 
In my dreams, the love stays alive


Onward, the train journeys
Through mountains draped in white
In all their glory, the skies alight
A little girl holds on to her father’s hands
As the train comes to a halt 
The crowd gathers by the gate
A whistle blows and the noise fades
Her signature runs along the edge
Of the picture she paints

Even If

Even If
There are guns
And violence
There is hurt
And heartache

Even if
The sun won’t shine
Or the river runs dry
The land divides
And aliens reign

Even if
You see a child
Looking for her mother
Or a homeless man
In every corner

Even if
The music stops playing
And tears don’t stop rolling
A pall of gloom befalls
To a man’s slaying

The hope is still alive
The dreams they are to stay.
As a stranger holds a cold hand
As a neighbour wipes dry a child’s tears
And a fallen hero’s life you praise
For as long as the music still plays in your ears
I will keep writing my songs
And Love. There will be love.
Even if.


For the love of Mars


NASA’s recent Mars revelations have triggered a million ideas in my head so much so that insanity is not a distant thing. I am positive that my mental state will eventually dash all hopes of my impending travel to the planet. I’ve been designing fancy web systems, designing a co-existence plan for MARS inhabitants, putting together a framework for a MARS core team that is required for sustaining life, the list is endless.

 Now, should my fancy Expedia like travel system offer round-trip tickets between Earth and MARS, or should it be just one way to start with? It would be perfect if there are not too many options. For example, there will be multiple airport locations, not divided by political boundaries, but just by convenience. Pricing would all be the same no matter which airport. As one starts thinking, things get too complicated.

I’m not exactly certain that I’ll head that way in my lifetime, but I foresee a day when my progenies will. Should I start a Mars fund as I’m guessing the cost to travel will be steep, only affordable by the likes of millionaires and such? I am fully aware that countries are spending billions for research on the possibility of life there,  and I do hope the Mars committee is fair to all earthlings. After all, the hope is that we will all be one and the same once we land there. We start fresh and we do things right second time around.

Putting aside all the “earth-man” made complications; my underlying desire is for Mars to be ALL that Earth is not.

Without terrorists, without politically defined borders, without rulers, without polluted air, without roaches or rats- if you ask me, I could break into that famed Beatles number. But that’s just me, all I need is love, music and without a doubt, lots of chocolate.

Ramblings – A Day’s Worth

On my day-off

“You have the ability to turn my day around.” For better or for worse- As clichéd as it sounds and as much as I hear Ferris Bueller laughing his head off, l do think cozying up with you on the couch, eating take-out food while watching a random, well, a war movie is the perfect way to spend my occasional day off from work. It’s only been light years since this transpired to be. Much thankfulness for that. This day-off will be etched, forever in my brain Read more

A Resolution

A Resolution

That which is so simple to achieve, lies solely in my hands. Literally.

A resolution. What I want is for my daughter to know that I’m always there for her. To care and to comfort her anytime she needs me. What I don’t want to hear is this, “Oh mom’s on her phone all the time, texting her friends”. It’s that cringe-worthy moment I want to avoid when you want to fling your phone and give yourself a reality check. Read more

The Moth and I

It was fall of 2006. On my way back home one evening, I had stopped at the red light, when a moth, flying carefree, decided to meet face to face with me. Unfortunately,  the windshield between us stopped him in his “tracks”. Luckily for him, the collision was not life threatening. Although frazzled and slow in his ascent, he managed to fly along his way. Read more

One marriage, many anniversaries


A marriage anniversary is coming up, or so I thought! On the stroke of midnight, I wished him, well, I texted him. He responded, “thanks, same to you”. Long story, yelling child and what not. Eventually we have a drink, just the usual, a pre bedtime routine. The following evening, we take the older kid out for her swim and I “expect” (the unspoken desire)  him to take me out to dinner. But we drove home instead. Of course, I was seeing red by then and things just derailed from then on. But he had a good point  two minutes into our tirade.  He said, “Our anniversary was two days ago”. Read more