For the love of Mars


NASA’s recent Mars revelations have triggered a million ideas in my head so much so that insanity is not a distant thing. I am positive that my mental state will eventually dash all hopes of my impending travel to the planet. I’ve been designing fancy web systems, designing a co-existence plan for MARS inhabitants, putting together a framework for a MARS core team that is required for sustaining life, the list is endless.

 Now, should my fancy Expedia like travel system offer round-trip tickets between Earth and MARS, or should it be just one way to start with? It would be perfect if there are not too many options. For example, there will be multiple airport locations, not divided by political boundaries, but just by convenience. Pricing would all be the same no matter which airport. As one starts thinking, things get too complicated.

I’m not exactly certain that I’ll head that way in my lifetime, but I foresee a day when my progenies will. Should I start a Mars fund as I’m guessing the cost to travel will be steep, only affordable by the likes of millionaires and such? I am fully aware that countries are spending billions for research on the possibility of life there,  and I do hope the Mars committee is fair to all earthlings. After all, the hope is that we will all be one and the same once we land there. We start fresh and we do things right second time around.

Putting aside all the “earth-man” made complications; my underlying desire is for Mars to be ALL that Earth is not.

Without terrorists, without politically defined borders, without rulers, without polluted air, without roaches or rats- if you ask me, I could break into that famed Beatles number. But that’s just me, all I need is love, music and without a doubt, lots of chocolate.

One thought on “For the love of Mars

  1. Hi Anu
    Nice write up, it was heart warming to read a sought of Milton Freedman’s thoughts of economic freedom breaking up political boundaries, but these thoughts seem to go into a sought of other/ filtered facebook messages into the current Capitalist leaders, they may not take the effort to check it at all!!
    These thoughts are a sure reflection of your values generated out of your family’s value system.
    I think the terrorists and the violence in the world is a watershed of cartelization of the capitalistic world which Milton said will never happen.
    I guess like we should save Capitalism from the Capitalist as Raghuram Rajan explains in his book for your write up to happen both practically and technically.

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