One marriage, many anniversaries


A marriage anniversary is coming up, or so I thought! On the stroke of midnight, I wished him, well, I texted him. He responded, “thanks, same to you”. Long story, yelling child and what not. Eventually we have a drink, just the usual, a pre bedtime routine. The following evening, we take the older kid out for her swim and I “expect” (the unspoken desire)  him to take me out to dinner. But we drove home instead. Of course, I was seeing red by then and things just derailed from then on. But he had a good point  two minutes into our tirade.  He said, “Our anniversary was two days ago”.

Short of guffawing, a realization dawned. That he knew it was not our anniversary when I texted, but didn’t mention it. I, then realized that he probably just remembered the anniversary when he received my text. Well, at least, he had the correct date in his head and I did not. We’ve only been officially married two years!

Two months later, last night,  our baby, in the prime age of two, preferred to do everything else but sleep.  Daddy duty was on full swing. I was dozing off in my perfect place when I heard strains of “Shine on you crazy diamond”. It was the fastest that I had sprung off my bed and set off to follow the tunes. Earlier that morning we had wished each other, for it was our anniversary of our first concert together. Roger Waters Live at the Key, 2006. We even adorned our faded concert T-shirts and wore that knowing smile all day long.

Tickets were hard to get that day, I found a stranger to go with and landed up with a bunch more packed in a car. At the crowded arena, I kept looking all around in the hope he would be there too. He was! He just “happened” to show up at the concert.  I lost my new friends in a matter of seconds. The concert was mind-blowing, and so was the company. It was a night to remember, to celebrate, and we do every year, the “Floyd Anniversary”.

The two year old’s energy has now taken a whole new level. What with the psychedelic lights from the concert DVD playing on the television screen, and from the shrill sounds of the electric guitar. She wants to dance. She wants not just dad, she wants us all to dance. So we all dance, a happy threesome. Who would have imagined eight years ago, this day, a little one, helping us re-live every moment. I for one, cannot wait for our next anniversary  to arrive. There’s many. The company picnics, the Diwali party, the Christmas party. As for the marriage anniversary, maybe I’ll get it right the next year.

7 thoughts on “One marriage, many anniversaries

  1. Hi Ani
    Roger waters would have been proud of this write up,My impression is that its about incidents important in our memory and events which are important to the society and hence the memories diabolical brilliance and the slips.
    Not sure if I got the message of your writing right, guess I will have to dope after 20 years to really fully understand Roger’s style of writing.
    Curious to know how how you got introduced to Floyd.

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