The Moth and I

It was fall of 2006. On my way back home one evening, I had stopped at the red light, when a moth, flying carefree, decided to meet face to face with me. Unfortunately,  the windshield between us stopped him in his “tracks”. Luckily for him, the collision was not life threatening. Although frazzled and slow in his ascent, he managed to fly along his way.

That same night, I wrote this with my little girl in mind. I only recently gave it to her on her 10th birthday.


Time Flies

Mom she said with a light on her face

“I feel like a butterfly I want to fly high”

Mom replied, “Go for it little girl”

“You will only know if you try”

There lived ol’ Joe next door

He worked hard all day

Sweet cherries he sold though hardly any pay

But it was sunset that she longed for-

Resting in his red porch every day

He would tell her tales

Of stranded ships and nightingales

And once a fallen hero.

She asked him one day

“This wall is so high will I fall if I climb

He said “No wall is high enough”

You will only know if you try”

Lights flashing on a crazy Monday

She turned her face away in fright

When the butterfly hit her car that night

She prayed it didn’t feel the pain

But just fly the high skies again

2 thoughts on “The Moth and I

  1. Annie,
    . . Loved it and the poem was short and sweet!!! Keep them coming… I’m sharing this with my friends…


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