A Resolution

A Resolution

That which is so simple to achieve, lies solely in my hands. Literally.

A resolution. What I want is for my daughter to know that I’m always there for her. To care and to comfort her anytime she needs me. What I don’t want to hear is this, “Oh mom’s on her phone all the time, texting her friends”. It’s that cringe-worthy moment I want to avoid when you want to fling your phone and give yourself a reality check.

It’s unfortunate that as mothers we have a lot going on. What with mid-life crisis hovering over you, mood swings that have come to be the bane of your existence or the signs of age staring right back at you from your mirror. With all this going on, we sometimes forget that our children, at their very tender age, deserve more  attention than what we seek for ourselves.

The pre-teen child has a whirlwind of emotions going through her head as she reads about crushes, puberty and what not. A pivotal age in her life , a transition from being an innocent kid to a well-aware teen, whose curiosity is irked at the drop of a hat for every action, gesture or conversation around her. She’s searching for answers, she has her pre-conceived notions and she’s stubborn to reason. She’s inquisitive about what parents do behind closed doors. She is all-of-a-sudden more possessive and highly conscious of her appearance. Gone are the days when friends and play dates were all that life was about.  Those days are bygone and she needs you more than you ever know.

I will remind myself time and time again, that my needs are not as important as hers. I rode the wave she is on, a long time ago. It’s now her turn to have a smooth ride. I will hold her hand even when I’m not physically there beside her. If it means that I miss my special night at the concert, or a dinner, or a movie, I will be complacent. Not on my phone “texting”, or browsing, or mindlessly reading through statuses on FB. It doesn’t do me any good at the end of the day.

My resolution is to give my child, my undivided attention. Without distractions, and selflessly, knowing very well, that one day she will guide her own. Tomorrow, I’ll leave my phone in my purse when I greet her in the evening, it can buzz all it wants. I just might end up being her new best friend.

One thought on “A Resolution

  1. Super write up, I can feel the parental emotions are pouring out but don’t you think a rose grows better in the garden with a distant and attentive care than when hand held often.
    I’am sure that you have provided the garden and the care.

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