My thoughts on Lingaa, the movie.


Butt shaking, bosom quivering, “thopae” (tummy) jiggling…A southie’s guy’s hardcore dream come to life.. The man, the motion, the pithy dialogues…”Aannaal” (But), Thallaiva (Leader) was showing his age..Creaky limbs, discolored lips, tummy tuckers…Rajni, glorious Rajni drags us kicking and screaming into his “phantasy” kaleidoscope of acting.



I can’t imagine what the director was thinking, basing most of the movie on flashbacks to a time lost in history – British occupied India. It was hard to relate to given that no part of the plot remotely connected to anything that happened at that time, made all the more worse by the presence of some sub-par acting by the “white Britishers” and the leading and supporting ladies and some truly awful sub titles (Though, they were side splittingly hilarious).

We were all overcome by this numbing assault on our collective senses, thankfully revived by the blessed interval. But some continued to be immeasurably moved by this chance encounter with a living ageing legend.


I came expecting to see Rajni deliver his Basha magic, but left disappointed that it turned out to be another droll Baba.


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