Her Painting

A pretty picture she paints
Of birds.  And flowers abloom.
Filled with hopes and dreams
In shades of lavender and blue
Often in my dreams I see
The face of a man I once knew
A man who loved me
Promises we made to hold true
Days were long but never enough 
Nights we lay under the moonshine
Hills we climbed with ease
The rivers we walked alongside
And though we parted ways with time 
In my dreams, the love stays alive


Onward, the train journeys
Through mountains draped in white
In all their glory, the skies alight
A little girl holds on to her father’s hands
As the train comes to a halt 
The crowd gathers by the gate
A whistle blows and the noise fades
Her signature runs along the edge
Of the picture she paints

Ramblings – A Day’s Worth

On my day-off

“You have the ability to turn my day around.” For better or for worse- As clichéd as it sounds and as much as I hear Ferris Bueller laughing his head off, l do think cozying up with you on the couch, eating take-out food while watching a random, well, a war movie is the perfect way to spend my occasional day off from work. It’s only been light years since this transpired to be. Much thankfulness for that. This day-off will be etched, forever in my brain Read more

“Valiachan” only to me-

Gautham, his uncle and aunt
Gautham Vasudev Menon- With his Uncle and Aunt

Wanting to write is a good thing. What sets that off is not necessarily a good thing. Today, it’s a lot of sadness. The last of the old frontier men in the family is gone. Yes, I would like to call them that. He was one of the best, actually. All of them led very simple lives. KMP Menon’s was filled with grace and dignity amidst some trial and tribulation. When a teacher goes on to become every student’s best friend, you know that’s an exceptional man we are talking about. Almost every post sent in by his students in the wake of his passing away calls him that. Soft, gentle, grace and dignified are words that come to my mind whenever I’ve met him too. My dad’s older brother, my earliest memory of him is a wedding in the family when I Read more

The Moth and I

It was fall of 2006. On my way back home one evening, I had stopped at the red light, when a moth, flying carefree, decided to meet face to face with me. Unfortunately,  the windshield between us stopped him in his “tracks”. Luckily for him, the collision was not life threatening. Although frazzled and slow in his ascent, he managed to fly along his way. Read more