Now that the Oscars are behind us… !

2015 Oscars
American Sniper

My take on some of the movies that were nominated in the “Best Picture” category… American Sniper (Dir. Clint Eastwood) The story of America’s deadliest sniper, navy seal Chris Kyle received quite a bit of criticism soon after it launched due to the glorification of the killing of women and children in Iraq. This is the 11th Academy nomination for director Clint Eastwood and despite all the criticism, I feel that he pulled off a taut well directed gem. While it is a fact that a large number of Chris Kyle’s kills were women and children, they didn’t come easy to him. Bradley Cooper is a talented actor and his acting shone throughout the movie. He visibly showed the toll on his soul being taken every time he had to pull the trigger as he covered his marine brothers going door to door clearing buildings of militants on the ground. Read more

Selma – A review


The story of the march that convulsed a nation, shattered carefully maintained hypocrisy and discrimination and thrust forth a raging thirst for freedom that just would not be denied. A must watch for our budding young citizens of the new world. To recognize and appreciate a seminal period in the still young life of their birth nation. A good movie, though one that can’t surpass the visual and soul shaking experience that Gandhi was. It still exposed long buried wounds – At least one older member of the audience in last evening’s movie had to leave overcome with emotion.

Our girls learnt about the power of the people and how their burning desire for the freedom to vote just would not be denied. All while getting a close up glimpse into the life of the great Martin Luther King Jr and the personal demons he was forced to face and overcome.

Kudos to the Fremont Unified School District (SF, Bayarea) for working with the Century theater in Union Landing, Fremont to allow 7th, 8th and 9th graders to watch it for free, opening up their young minds to a powerful period in American history.