Reflections on Fall, Dog, and Messages from above


There is something exciting and mysterious about the month of October. Maybe it’s the unpredictability of its days. Maybe it’s the way fall sneaks up quietly, stunningly, and there is an anticipation in the air, a thrill. A warning in the evening chill, a reminder that summer is long gone. A cold wind comes swooping down every now and then as if to say ‘fasten your seat belts!’- for the plunge into the long cold months of winter. Read more



Have you had one of those days when you wonder what the point of it all is? I went through a particularly severe bout of it recently where I sat paralyzed by the thought- what now?? I wasn’t depressed, not in any sense of the word, just completely lost. A need to move in some direction but a sense of being hopelessly stuck in a spot. I wanted to do grand things with my life, make big differences. There must be some reason for my existence other than the usual cycle of life. I went through a mental list. If I was a cartoon character (and there are some in my family who will say I am, but let’s ignore my sister) I would have those thought bubbles over my head which pop up and explode, options considered and discarded. If only I had a cape, a wand and Bill Gate’s bank account. Read more

One marriage, many anniversaries


A marriage anniversary is coming up, or so I thought! On the stroke of midnight, I wished him, well, I texted him. He responded, “thanks, same to you”. Long story, yelling child and what not. Eventually we have a drink, just the usual, a pre bedtime routine. The following evening, we take the older kid out for her swim and I “expect” (the unspoken desire)  him to take me out to dinner. But we drove home instead. Of course, I was seeing red by then and things just derailed from then on. But he had a good point  two minutes into our tirade.  He said, “Our anniversary was two days ago”. Read more



“I messaged JLT”

Blinking, squinting and trying to frown my way out of deep sleep, I tried to make sense of that line on my ph- a Fb notification that sat smug on my screen when I reached out to check the time (4.30 am). I had about an hour to go back to sleep before getting the day started. All of it was spent puzzling over that line- Why was the person telling me he messaged JLT? Who in the blazes was JLT? Should I admit to not having a clue or respond with a vague- ‘regards to JLT’ or ‘how is JLT’ in the hope of more information coming my way? Read more